How to Access Lesson Plans

The login for the 'Lesson Plans' link is different than your thalo login. Lesson Plan login information is located on the 'info' tab within 'Grumbacher Instructors' group, right above the 'lesson plans' link. 

Instructions for Accessing the Lesson Plans:
  1. Log into with your thalo account.
  2. Don't know your thalo account info? Click Here
  3. Once logged in, go to the 'info' tab in 'Grumbacher Instructors' group. (Click here for how to access the 'Grumbacher Instructors' group.)
  4. Lesson Plan login information is listed on 'info' tab page.
Still Having Difficulty?  Click Here for a video of how to access the Grumbacher Instructor Resources.

The 'info' tab for the 'Grumbacher Instructor Resource' page contains important links & login info for lesson plans. 

The 'feed' tab contains current discussions about the program, and interaction between instructors. Join in! Share your work, interact, and make new connections.

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